Historic Preservation

Original plaque found on homes.

Moving into a Belmont Village home means moving into a home built with a quality of material and craftsmanship not common today.  Each house tells a unique story mixing the accounts of all of the previous owners who have tended to it over the years.  As a current homeowner or an individual looking to buy in Belmont Village, a passion for preserving the historic charm of one’s home benefits not only one’s individual property value but also the integrity of the collective neighborhood.

The resources listed below are listed for convenience in helping residents maintain their homes and are not being endorsed by any member of the BVCA.  Please research any contractor thoroughly before you begin any home project.

Please consult the directory found here:  http://www.preservationalliance.com/directories/restoration.php

1927 Philadelphia Inquirer Ad for Belmont Village


Oldest Building in Belmont Village. Built in 1742. Presently known as “The Rabbit”.